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When time stops moving... again



New member
Nov 11, 2020
Just a few months ago I had another strange experience.

Set and setting: out and about with my mother and father we found ourselves in the basement of an unfurnished I’m home of my 2nd cousin.

What went down: Me already feeling a bit strange; talking with my parents and cousins, I tell ya what. When I say time stopped, I mean that time literally froze around me... the air froze in place and I was ejected out of my body. Standing still in this foreign land that surrounds me, I look around and see my parents but it’s hard to see clearly as an electrostatic look took over my vision of everything. I could even see the air in front of my make a little storm but without the clouds. I feel this immense lightness in my movements and I felt free of my shackled body. I look back at my dad and he’s standing still, even his face was in the middle of speaking but still frozen. An electrostatic body formed behind his and I SAW... I saw a figure made of electricity put its hand on my fathers shoulder as it stood behind him.. I looked it dead in the face, for it had no eyes, ears or mouth. As I gazed at the creature hold my fathers shoulder, it stared directly at me. I’m not sure how but it did. Me feeling more strange by the second, this place I have found myself in feels familiar. Like a second nature home to me, yet I am in an unimaginable place. Standing still the creature flashes out of existence and I feel a rumbling in my head as I’m torn back into my body and time continues. My mother looks in my direction and gives me a sign to go upstairs.. she tells me I look like I’ve seen a ghost and I’m pale as can be.. later my dad comes to me and says “I’m not sure why.. but I had this feeling to touch the wires in the light socket but something told me not to.” Then I told him the event I had just seen and the rest is history...

this is a real event that I experienced... please let me know what y’all think :)


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
hi Krieg :welcome:

interesting story. Id be interested to know
what a counsellor or psychologist would make of it
and I hesitate to interpret it myself because I'm not trained
but the meaning might become clear to you
because of having written it down


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