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When is it ok for a therapist to require...?



New member
Feb 6, 2010
that I release all medical, mental health and educational records from my whole life? I can understand talking to mental and medical - but this therpaist is even asking for police records of a traumatic event that we have not even talked about, no time to do so before she just suspended the therapy, and wants school records... I have no idea why. She says she must review all of this information and get all the records before she will see me again.

I don't know why.

It doesn't feel good. I don't know why it feels bad and so invasive... I'm not hiding anything. It's also a lot of money to pay for all the record copies...

is this ever ok for a therapist to suddenly stop therapy and say they won't continue until they have all this info? Is it common for therapists to ask for this? require this?

It's hard to find a new therapist right now, so I can't just easily go see someone else. I really like seeing this therapist too. and she has been very helpful for me. But it's been almost three months since I have seen her - she keeps recheduling, and saying she needs this stuff, and I ask if we can talk about it first...

I'm so mixed up...



Without knowing the full circumstances I'd say give that therapist a wide berth. They are way too power-driven.

You set the pace of therapy. If you're not setting the pace, it isn't therapy - it's coercion.

Kick dust in their eyes as you leave...
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