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when is enough really enough?



New member
May 5, 2009
Norwich uk
Hi ,

I was recently dignosed with "depression" was giving the standard prozac , which didn't work was giving citlopram worked but gave me sucj nightmares i couldn't sleep so was taken off them, then i was given mizapram , which worked but i piled on a srone in 17 days!! And for a body dismorpic like me its not the best solution to my problems, i have now been giving efferox (forgive for me spelling) , which i can't start taking untill i'm fully weened of the citlopram , nothing seems to work , i'm tired of being the gp guina pig, she doesn't know what works and clearly couldn't care less, i'm reachng the point where i'm realising no one cares and no fraking wonder drug is going to cure this, i self harm which now i'm about to experince again due to only being on 10mg of citlopram again,

So begs the question why am i even trying?
I'm gettign no other help apart from drugs and clearly they don't work,
So why don't I just finish it all?

I have enough of feeling this way, i can't cope any more ,
Any suggestion would be greatly recieved
Many thanks


Hi xjx,
I'm on mirtazapine n its ok if you can get some exercise which I'm not up to at the moment, I was lucky that I found an ad that suited with only two changes though others here have tried loads I guess its a trial n error thing until you can find something that suits.
It does seem that no one cares but we care here on this forum we try to be supportive if we can take care JD


Sep 22, 2008
I was on citalopram.I couldn't tell any difference.Then I was put on 15mg mirtazopine,also no real improvement.Eventually mirtazopine was increased to 45mg.I can tell the difference now,it helps with my mood.


Sep 22, 2008
If you're feeling suicidal then tell your GP.Maybe your GP does care and will continue to try and find the right medication at the right dose for you.
I also take anti psychotic medication.I've gained 4 stone since 2007.I think it's the price to pay for being stable and not in hospital.

Fruit Loop

I have been on Lofepramine, Prozac (Fluoxetine) and now Venlafaxine Efexor modified release.

I found the side effects of Lofepramine I could not handle and my mood suffered so the GP kept upping the dose. I fell out with that GP and found another.
I then had to come off Lofepramine and introduce Prozac. It was ok had very few side effects. The dose went up to 40mg it worked for a while then stopped. That GP left the practice and I swapped again.
I then had to come off Fluoxetine (Prozac) and introduce Venlafaxine at 37.5mg, they had a very short life span in my system and would crash in the evening. The GP increased the dose to 75mg Venlafaxine Effexor modified release which lasts for 24 hrs. I find this ok with no side effects as such. The next step is up to 150mg in about two weeks time. It is the best med so far at the moment.
It is a very hard thing to find a med that suits/works for a person as we all respond/tolerate the drugs differently. I hope you find a med that works, keep strong and keep posting. :grouphug:
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