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when do things eg optimism become delusional?



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Feb 3, 2010
What makes something actually delusional over just normal feelings. Foe eg it would be optomistic if you expected an ex partner to return a couple of months after the a split but delusional if believing they will return after a couple years?

Sorry, it doesn;t make much sense. I'm just wondering when something would actually be counted as delusional as opposed to just normal reactions/expectations.


Well, this was my experience of delusions when I was first hospitalised, I was also going through a huge breakdown. I've copied my reply from another thread; Cyclothymic and Bi-Polar, whats the difference.

Not sure whether or not this could help you understand alittle more.

Delusions are extreme false beliefs or ideas.

e.g believing you are somebody that you are not, like The Messiah, Cleopatra or the President.

Delusions can be very disturbing, without going into too much detail I suffered from delusions and hallunications about 4yrs ago when I was first hospitalised. It was the scariest thing that's ever happened to me.

I don't know whether or not you remember an American girl called Billie Joe who was kidnapped and murdered sometime ago ? Well,.. I thought I was her and I believed I was kidnapped by gangs who dressed up, but were actually the hospital staff. I believed I was 16yrs old, infact I was 30yrs old at the time and the gangs had kept me in hiding since I was 6yrs. It was very frightening, so frightening I don't even like to talk about it now.



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