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Whats wrong with me?



New member
Mar 31, 2010
so im in my twenties never had any type of solid serious relationship. Ive had lots of friends with benefits guys who tell me they like me and want to be with me but never want to be my boyfriend make a commitment just hang out have sex etc. A couple years ago I had a guy do this to me for about 2 months and then one day he never wanted to speak to me again. I got really depressed and started believing that he had died it was the only way I could accept him hurting me if I told ppl he died. For years, ppl think that he really is dead and I think ive been telling this story for so long that I believe it too in a way. I started seeing this new guy we dated for 6 months but once again he didnt want to be my boyfriend just date casually I didnt want to push the issue because I wanted him to be ready on his own. Last week he told me he didnt care about me in that way the sex was just sex. we spent so much time together i spent the night at his place we would stay up watch late movies spend his off days together take the dog to the park i thought i was finally getting something good. He told me he still wanted to be friends but i blew up i didnt believe him i mean he just said he used me for sex and he wants to be friends. I have so many questions I want to know like why this and why that. I been texting him trying to talk to him and now he just wants to be left alone. The last time we had a similar fight and he wanted it too end he called me that nite and we talked about it this time he never called he just ditched me and he said he wasnt ditching me but he did. Now ive been stalking him cuz i miss him i called him to try to talk i texted and last nite i went to his house to see him but he wouldnt talk to me. I dont know whats wrong with me i just want him back and i dont know what i did wrong why did he leave me?


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Mar 27, 2010
Hi Shygurl,

You seem a girl who just wants to be loved. Is there anything terrible about that. Perhaps you are trying too hard. By the sound of it you are attractive to men but if you become over obsessive you end up pushing them way. What you perhaps need to do is relax,back off and let any future relationship develop without smothering your partner. This is not criticising its experience of past relationships thats all. By the way,drop this guy you are harassing,he is gone,start again and chill out. You deserve it.!!



If somebody does not want you, that is it!
even if you want them??
Do not waste your life and time on them,
take it from me you've only get hurt, big time !!
move on, there are others who will love you !
good luck and do not beat yourself.