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What's normal/happy feelings?



Jan 29, 2020
Having suffered with depression/anxiety for 18 years now from a young age I'm wondering what normal reactions/feelings should be and whether what I'm feeling is my depression or something else. One thing in particular is how do you enjoy things?

For example if I have something planned and it gets to the event I almost subconsciously become in a bad mood because I'm worried I won't enjoy the event, the when it's over I'm annoyed with myself for not enjoying something I should have.

I feel like others get so much more enjoyment out of things and I expect myself to feel the same and I'm then disappointed when i don't. The only time I realise I was enjoying myself or it was a great day can be years down the line when I remember it.

It's so frustrating! Is this normal for depression?


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
hi Yellowrose :welcome: !

yes that would be pretty normal
I think the core of the issues is the part where you are annoyed with yourself
for not having ' normal ' feelings
people are probably not enjoying themselves as much as you think
and they dont beat themselves up
if they are not on good form

people probably feel often bored with their lives
their jobs feel mundane for instance
or they got bored with their partner

having kids was not as exciting as they had hoped
they learn to give themselves a break about it
to ' chill '

one way to cheer the day up, is to try to cheer other people up
for example I have taken to learning compliments for shop staff
on their websites

it makes me feel good to think of them
going into work the next day, and being told that a customer
had left a compliment about them !