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What's it called when thinking gives u blank fearful moment in time?



Well-known member
Nov 18, 2018
Calgary alberta
Since I've relapsed back into depression and anxiety I can say I'm in a worse spot than when I first took antidepressants. I know depression causes brain fog but I'm having a very different symptom and it feels like I'll collapse. When I try to learn or figure something out or even just write what's on my mind I have a VERY stressful time doing it and I find it so hard to think about what's on my mind and write it down! It often results in to much stress and I shake my head like a twitch or tremor and lose train of thought! Just using my cognition on simple things is giving these bouts of amnesia with panic I'm not sure of the description of what this is but hopefully u get the idea please help me I'm really stressed to the gills and I can't take this mental torture pls any info

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