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What's going on with me? Life's been so weird. Advice and input are appreciated.



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Oct 7, 2021
Hi there,
So a bit about myself: I am very dedicated to school and I stress about my grades A LOT. My life pretty much revolves around it which I don't mind as doing well makes me incredibly happy. I am currently in my 4th year of university and it feels like I don't know what I'm doing anymore? I've mostly been getting A+s with some As in the past few years, but this year my grades have significantly dropped. It's only been a month into school so I've really only done a few quizzes and a big test, but none of my studying techniques work anymore. I understand that the material is harder and more complex, but the format of the tests has been similar. The courses I'm taking are offered every year for 4 years with each year having a heavier courseload and more complex topics. The most annoying thing is that I mostly feel prepared and think that I've done well, but it's not reflected in my marks. This has happened in 4/5 tests or quizzes that I've done so far and these are in different subjects too. I have always been anxious and haven't done well with self-care for as long as I can remember so I don't think it's that. Why else would it be different now? I admit I feel more tired this year, but it's just because I've been so stressed out about my grades.

What do you think is happening and what should I do so I can get my life back to how it was? I've been feeling like crap since school started. Thanks for your help!


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Jul 30, 2021
somewhere in paradise
Hi! thank you for sharing with us :)
I'm so sorry that you're feeling like this at the moment..
I'm also currently in university and i can relate with your feelings a lot. Grades are really important for me too and it stressed me out if my grades are dropped.
I think the reason your grades might be dropping is because you've been feeling more tired and stressed than usual.
Maybe you need some refreshing? when i feel happier and in a good mood, i tend to do better in exams/quizzes. Maybe you need to give yourself a break, relax, and do something to clear up your mind? it can be like walking to the forest, beach, hiking, seeing nature, hang out to the mall, go to arcade, cinemas, hang out with your loved ones.

Just remember that you did your best. Don't blame yourself. Things like this happened all the time to students :) be kind to yourself. don't stress too much about it, be proud of how far you've become! i'm sure it will get better soon, sending hugs! :loveshower: :hug:


Man, you're asking a question that only you can find an answer for. We are not living in your skin and mind to know what would give back control to your life. If you posted this on depression category I assume you must already know that you need to do therapy. It can help a lot to organize and figure out the confusion in your mind. Also, academic life is not the only life a person can have. Maybe you should try to find another hobbies and interests, to direction your mind toward a new angle and perspective.
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