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What would you call this...



I am almost 40 years old,married with children.We make a good income and our life is pretty good.My problem is I am never able to settle down in 1 place for too long!I have not lived in 1 place for more than 4 months in the last 10 years!! I have rented more places,lived in more hotels and put more miles on my poor car than most do in a lifetime!
I am tired of feeling like this.I get sad and have gained 50 lbs since all this started.I find a place I like and then within a few days I am picking things out for excuses to move.This is some sort of problem , I just can't name it.
BTW my husband is a long haul driver and is gone 3-5 weeks at a time.
Any feedback/advice would be appreciated! :confused:


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Jul 16, 2009
Hard to say....maybe your running away from something.
I know when I was younger I was always on the move.People used to ask me what I was running away from.
The answer....unresolved issues from my past/myself......Still haven't figured it out but am starting to identify and work through certain things in the hope i will find peace within myself.

Good luck...maybe someone else can be of more help