What would cyber addiction be under?



Jan 14, 2019
Southern California
Hey everyone.

So my marriage failed due to the fact that I constantly got caught on online dating sites and such.

I was in the process of being diagnosed with BPD but since teens suffered from anxiety and depression.

I guess I would just categorize it as just being a filthy cheater. I never had intentions on meeting anyone from the sites or physically cheating but I constantly just wanted to chat with people and find out about them then delete and move on to the next. I guess it would be like “cat fishing”. I just wanted to be someone else at times or got so needy when I felt like it was lacking. I don’t know if it’s because I could never get over certain things my partner said or did.

I just want to know if I’m really just that terrible I needed to feel comfort from strangers?! This is really hard for me to post and admit but I want to get better and stay off those sites cuz I never believed in them anyway. I feel so ashamed, but I know this thread has really been helpful and have talked to some really great people. Thank you.