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Dec 17, 2007
East Lancs
We are prescribed medication, advised on cognative thinking, offered courses on self esteem, meditation, relaxation - and many other things.
Some work, some - well not really - but we continually hear about how people have recovered or got into a state whereby they can maintain an equilibrium, they then go away from the planet never to be heard of again.
For some, maybe all of us, we need a certain mix of techniques peculiar to ourselves, but how to find what they are is the difficult and time consuming question.
I have tried many self help techniques over the years and a few doctor lead ones, none on there own worked (for me).
Reading forums with different people and how they progress and trying some of the techniques still did not get me any further down the line.
What I needed was a miracle, or so I thought, the road sign I was looking for with a specific ending is not there.
I have to understand and accept that people are all different, not only that but your own moods during a day can change dramatically. To accept this as a norm and not an exception gives an insight on how to move forward.
Whatever 'condition' we have, we have to accept, it doesn't mean that we should never try and look for the cure, but it does mean not to pull a mask over it as if it was not there.

I have watched people on the tv with physical disabilities who run marathons, climb mountains - anything but let there 'condition' compartmentalize them - yet I do, I let it make me feel vulnerable, let me feel isolated, let me feel as a freak - all with no actual reason but what is in my own mind.
Their minds are the tool they use to overcome there physical disability, almost as though there is a second controlling mind, which we don't have.

So how I can use this, and move forward?
I look at what the mind is telling me, usually what it tells me is overdramatised many times.
Letting this roll about in the mind is not giving it somewhere to go, and by rolling around it appears to grow in strength and drama. Physical sport is a good outlet, I have tried it, I have run marathons, cycled marathons and done other phsically demanding activities - all it did for me was to self perpituate the problem and I reached a kind of addiction to it.
All I could think about was to push harder and longer, this brought back the cycle of dramatisation within my head and I was back to square one.
Meditation and relaxation did the same, except that it freed my mind and allowed a brand new sheet to be brought to the fore to be dramatised about.

So I write about it, when I have been in the depths of depression I have written about it - it has dramatised itself and maybe prolonged it - but then it burnt itself out.
I then feel free and ready for anything, the drama in my mind tries to temper these thoughts and keep me on an even keel. Every so often though it is like a massive itch, something inside that wants to explode out and I have to do something - take pictures, paint, write, play musical instruments, go motorcycling, walking.
So maybe the cure for me is to accept that I am allowed to enjoy life, the ups and downs are to be treat like the hills and dales, the rain to be considered the washing machine of nature as it washes the smog and polluntants out. The mindless thugs and vandals who are the real requirers of mental health services, Politicians to be pitied as there self delusion escalates with the office they hold.

Yet all around are people, real people and all they want is to live there lives, comfort yes, but affordable comfort, and to have a peace of mind.
The society we have built up around us perpetuates pressure, pressure to succeed materially, but not emotionally.
So maybe we have a living hell or at least a limbo to try and learn by the mistakes we are making.
Maybe I should just stop thinking?



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Dec 18, 2007
North London

I try and do what I can without going over the top. This helps me as well I give my knowledge of Electronic Engineering over to those who are interested. I have in the past helped youngsters, who are looking to Engineering as a Career. I do still have memory problems because of my past drinking, but thankfully it did not destroy all that I have.

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