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What was going on with these guys?



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Nov 25, 2018
I have a current concern about someone I know in the workplace, which ties into an earlier experience with someone from 12-15 years ago.

They are different in the one several years ago was a short tempered hot head who was always threatening to beat people up, bragging how many hookers he'd been with in his youth, and generally obnoxious. The current one is able to function in abstract job tasks but in person gives you the impression of emotionally a child who's never had a close friend, been on a date, or any meaningful social experience.

They are similar in:

Both in middle age.

Don't understand other people's personal space or privacy, readily engage in physical contact or awkward closeness without seeing any issue with it.

Have a deep insecurity and interpret anytime someone doesn't answer the phone, is busy, or passes by without engaging in conversation as a personal and direct rejection.

Have trouble understanding social interactions--often recall things that never happened or remember them very differently from the people around them.

Don't recall or keep straight the narrative of their interactions with people. Can get into arguments, threaten, say their friendship or working relationship is over....then not even a few weeks later not recall any of it or understand why the other person avoids them now.

Despite nominally claiming to be straight and interested in women will fixate on other males--and before the obvious is asked I was one of them in both cases--and engage in unwanted physical contact, wanting to be within a few feet at every chance, and so on. When asked to leave or stop it they don't, only breaking off when management is involved. They first become hostile then emotional--literally breaking down and crying.

There's too much in common here to say it's similar personalities--is there some personality disorder or similar they have in common?
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Nov 30, 2018
I'd focus on your own "Circle of Control" and stop giving your energy to negativity. These Guys are in your head because you invited them in and are now posting about them.
"Focused on the Wrong Stuff"---Good song by 'Lecrae'