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What to do when no one will help you



Feb 21, 2015
See i tried for years now to get the help i needed see some of the issues i dealing with is when i become scared nervous or upset i become verbally abusive argumentive and say what is ever on my mind like an example i may call a black guy that i mad at rhe n word along with a bunch of other things racially tainted and it is not coming from a point of racism this is the problem i delt with for years i been beat up over it thrown in jail and out of countless mental helth clincs over.the years even when i try tell them of the monster before hand it always seems when they meet monster of my illness face to face.
I even try warning them on sevral occians telling them before hand yet the day comes and i start getting anxious because of meeting new people and the stess of having to give out personal information and iyt comes the monster and out the door for years and every attempt to get better causes me to get kicked out of the office or told i not welcome by the very people that should be helping me so i have done the only thing i can can think of and hidden myself on the sidelines and out skrits pf people and socitey as i can because i dont know what else too do. I have spent the better part of 3 years or more on the road. Bouncing from place to place and despertly wanting to end the crazyness life can be this way but no honest way to get out of the downward sprial this has put on my life i just atay hidden and confused.


Jun 20, 2015
Hello insanelynormal,
Sounds like you are having a hard time.Might you benefit from some effort at anger management?
Looking at why and how you get angry and verbally argumentative when nervous or upset and making an attempt to deal with this instead of letting rip at others can help change negative patterns of behavior.Of course you are doing the right thing trying to explain to others and warn them that you get like this but they may still find it a shock and difficult to accept it when you do blow and so may walk away at the end of the day.Maybe something in the links can help.

Amazon.co.uk: anger management: Books

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