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What should I do ??



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Mar 10, 2009
I'm a 19 year old girl from Finland. I don't have any mental health problems for the time being, but if my life situation won't change I'm sure that I will have. So I hope someone could give advice...

I have just finished high school and after that all my friends disappeared somewhere.. I've been trying to get new friends via hobbies etc. but that has been very difficult. And I know it's not because of my nature for I'm social and outgoing. People here are just so cold and quiet.. Also, I'm still living with my parents and can't move for I haven't got a job. I'd like to get to university, but it's so chaotic situation with my family that it'd be impossible for me to study.
But the main concern is I have 0 friends and can't take it long anymore. I have even been considering moving abroad, where it would be easier to get to know people.
So if anyone has idea I would like to hear


You are very young and have plenty of time to make new friends, especially if you are outgoing and sociable. Just because you have a temporary lack of friends because you've just left school doesn't mean that you won't make more when you move on to work or university.

And having a temporary lack of friends shouldn't make you assume that you will end up mentally ill because of that. You seem to be misinformed about mental illness and it's causes.


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Dec 11, 2008
Hey there,

Im a 22yo guy in the Uk. left school a few years ago now and exactly the same thing happened to me, I lost all my friends. They all moved away to university at other parts of the country. I live just outside the city where my uni is, and all my friends going to the same uni got flats near it, so I was the isolated one that didnt move out cause I couldnt afford to.

Anyway, I know this sounds hard just now, but it really does get better. Leaving school is a huge change, it took me a while to figure it all out too. Now i've got new friends, and even occaisonally see my old ones too. The way I met knew friends was through playing music. Maybe you dont do this, but think of it as a hobby or interest. It's a bit weird to start with since your whole social circle will change, but I promise it'll get better.

I dont think you should be worried about mental illness because of your situation. Things like this happen to everyone at all different parts of their lives. While Im sure you feel sad and so on, when you find a good friend you'll get happy again. I suffer from depression but am certain it was not triggered by losing friends for a while.

Keep posting if you want someone to chat or moan to. Everyone here is friendly.
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