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What next? Risperidone side effect problems.



Mar 18, 2020
I am currently taking (for my Schizophrenia) 6mg of Risperidone. Unfortunately this is having some unwanted side effects. Mainly sedation which starts approx. 20 minutes after taking and peaks about 2 hours after taking. As a result I am no longer allowed to drive and have lost my license. This is a big problem as I live in a rural area, leaving me isolated.

I have tried splitting the dose and taking at different times to try and reduce the sedation but to no avail.

I was on 4mg for several years, which I tolerated well, but a very stressful event meant that my symptoms worsened and I was increased up to 6mg. That was over 6 months ago and I've since tried to reduce back to 4mg but my paranoia etc. is still too troublesome at the lower dose.

The other problematic side effect is sexual dysfunction (I'm male) and a lack of libido (I feel dead inside, nothing stimulates my desire any more)

What do you take that doesn't interfere with driving and has allowed you to keep your license? Did it have sexual side effects?

I have a CMHT appointment with a new Psychiatrist next week and would like to go there forearmed with real world people's experiences to discuss options going forward.

Worth noting is that the last Psychiatrist was reluctant to change to a different antipsychotic from Risperidone, due to me having the breakthrough of managing to stop self medicating illegal drugs (3 years ago) and alcohol (2 years ago), which I had done for over 25 years.

I have tried a lot of different antipsychotic medication prior to Risperidone, but feel I would have a different response this time, given the fact that I am no longer clouded by alcohol or illegal drugs.

I am also being treated for depression and anxiety with 120mg Duloxetine and 45mg Mirtazipine.

I look forward to hearing your answers.


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
I am bipolar so its a totally different illness but I do get psychotic symptoms and I am on Aripiprazole which doesn't sedate - I can take it in the morning - and has worked a treat for me. I don't know about sexual function on it mind. Its worth asking anyway.

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