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What mood did u wake up in?



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Oct 22, 2014
cumbria, uk
Woke up thinking sod it, can't be bothered Cooking!
Watched 2 films last nite so was up til after 3. Didn't sleep well.

Scary film about a little girl who was brought back 2 life & started murdering people. Forgot Wot it was called. Eating cheese & scary films by bed - not good!
So I'm gonna sit & do nothing all day!!


Nov 25, 2014
I woke up in à miserable mood, working later than usual has ruined my usual Sunday routine. I normally would finish half 12, eat, take my dog to the woods and cook a roast. Instead I cooked my SU roast and I won't get one or a wo9dland walk :(


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I woke up feeling alright, actually.
Then got a bit pissy earlier..
Now i'm ok again.:rolleyes:


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Jul 11, 2014
I woke up feeling trapped and alone
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