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Jan 14, 2010
Hi, I'm new to this forum. I've come here in desperation, not because I suffer from BPD, but because I fear my daughter does.

She is very negative, seeks to find fault and blame others for her life going wrong, is very angry, and starts arguments for no reason, other than perceived slights. She will not let of past hurts, and holds grudges until they fester and cause her untold misery. She is fine until you disagree with her or try to put an alternative viewpoint across, then she gets nasty. She has a really foul attitude that seems to be getting worse, and Im at my wits' end. She smoked skunk since she was 16 and I'm sure this has not helped the moods and off kilter logic she seems to have. She is paranoid and often accuses people of looking at her inappropriately. She also seems to target certain individuals and sets out to make it her mission to dislike them...and they are usually people I am close to, in particular my partner, who is not her father.

I have tried glossing over the moods, ignoring them, being nice, taking it on the chin. But there is only so much shit a person can take before despair sets in and I'm now wanting to totally distance myself from her. She has no boyfriend, and cannot hold down a long term partnership. She finds fault with people before she's even met them, and so internet dating is failing miserably. She seems to focus most her vitriol on me and it all came to head on Xmas day, when she sneered at all the presents I bought her, accusing me of not taking enough time and effort to choose what she wanted.

She's 35.



& welcome to the forum. Does your daughter still live at home?

No one here is in a position to diagnose anything. My thoughts are that maybe it wouldn't be that helpful to pathologise your daughters expereinces? Everyone is different; & there are plenty of selfish, angry, & negative people; that smoke pot, drink, &/or do drugs; that are not labelled as being mad.


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Oct 20, 2009

I agree , you can talk to her about it, she may just prob throw it back at you.

Unless "she" asks for help it is unlikly she will get it..... unless she does somthing wrong in public and is taken into hospital for assesment.... sorry...