What is "Madness?"



Jul 30, 2012
I agree with what your saying throughout that post, and agree it's not simple ... hard not to draw parallels with some discussions around race, and different parallels with parts of movements around sexual orientation. Interesting to compare and contrast this aspect of different struggles. I feel a little less torn than you around it's virtues with madness at the moment, but positions on concepts like this can vary in a mans life, and I can understand people who'd disagree:
You're right to hint at something very personal going on with me. Not wishing to overegg, but this year has been quite fraught from a labeling and pathologisation perspective. I've gone through bipolar, mootings of fugues and dissociation and DID, and then finally a slam dunk into schizoaffective. That's in and out of the orthodox system, pathologies raining down on me in every direction.

It's all left me feeling a bit battered and bruised...

This is a good video summing up the myriadal ways in which language is working for and against people:

I agree with the overall thrust of what you're saying. From my personal perspective I feel that yet again -- yet again -- pathology and my status as a mad person has been used against me as a blunt tool to undermine my experience of oppressive power-games. But that's all by the by. Life is full of unexpected rude awakenings. I thought I'd had my fair share already...

Ultimately making spaces for marginalised people to empower themselves and take control of their collective narrative is very important, I agree.

I'm going to give this more thought but like I say you're right, something personal is going on with me, and that currently I'd reject the hand of a messiah, I'm feeling so maligned... :)