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what is happening in the world i can't figure it out?



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Dec 25, 2018
I’m kinda worried tho


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Mar 11, 2021
I want to get back to studying.....love studying

how are people screwing your life up


World contains chaos and mystery. Sometimes it contains too much and the overspill is confusion for all and everybody. Nobody is alone in worrying about the future today.


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Aug 5, 2021
We get to see and read a lot more news than people in the past did. Bad news gets more attention so the media focuses on bad news. I do my best to ignore most of the news these days. I have to or else I'd soon be suicidal.


Part of the function, a big part, of news is to be society's pain signal. So when bad things happen they will be reported on. Easy to bookmark enhance science and music and sports news and with Google news down play the world or local news where the more depressing news items linger. Ignorance is bliss, until the tanks roll in, and so it is wise to keep a eye on the world - I like to be in the 'drink and know things' category than the 'buried with head in sand' but putting quality over quantity is harder than ever with biases and lowered journalistic standards...even so wiser to know one thing too many than one too few in a time of surreal criticality like these
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