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What is going to happen now?



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Feb 23, 2018
So long story short I ended up at a and e on Thursday night. I don't really remember much of anything I woke up on fluids to a woman asking me to come with her. Spoke with the mental health team at the hospital. They said they wanted to go talk to their colleagues and came back. Basically offered me home based treatment (daily contract visits in the community) I said no I wanna go to bed. She asked how I was getting home I them booked an uber and she left. 2 minutes later she comes back and says we think that you need a crisis admission in hospital. I said no way my taxi is almost here anyway. She then said well in that case we'd be looking at an assessment under the mental health act. And right as she said that my taxi was here and I left.

No one has since called or anything I've been home since because I got back and just fell asleep straight away.
I'm just wondering what is going to happen, I've never been in this situation. Will lthey show up at my home or will they force me back to the hospital. I'm just scared now and feeling really really paranoid. I'm in the UK by the way if that helps


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Mar 2, 2019
probably call you, maybe ask you to come in
I doubt they'll just pop up and snatch you, they let you go after all

I'm not UK though

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