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what i thought



I'm not trying 2 play devils advocate, I think i had quite a bad week last week n then the weekend i seemed 2 explode. I love this forum, n wouldnt want it taken away! I cannot explain what happened this weekend but it ended costing a lot of money because my other half cracked their laptop screen droping a spoon on it , its just a mash of colours now.
Does any1 know what kinda price i should b paying 2 have it repaired its an advent2250.
This bad period started with a company that provides idt protection, since christmas i have had a really difficult time with customer services in general it seemed like a whole catoluge of events n i seemed 2 b dealing with 1 after another, dealing with mardy brick walls most of the time, all because i had become manic n spent loads of cash, this has never happened 2 me b4.I feel 4 people this happens 2 on a regular basis i just had 2 shop, it was an overwhelming feeling 2 shop, anyway i was talked in2 all sorts i believed all the sales assitants n the more they talked me in2 the happier i became, n felt like they were my friends even going in n thanking them 4 what they had sold me a couple of days later. I couldnt cope with massive crowds but i just had 2 go shopping n i would feel sick until i spent some money.
When i came 2 my realisation obviously noticing things like being charged interest on an interest period n i started 2 complain i had an even worse time so i kinda had 2 accept my lot n so i had 2 get even more credit cards n transfer some moneys over, 2 try 2 limit my interest charges.
! thing idid do was take out idt, n i've had an awful time trying 2 sort out my finances,@ the start of the year i didnt even have an over draft now i owe £5500. I'm not feeling sorry 4 myself but trying 2 expreess how i feel 4 people that this happens 2 all the time, i kinda wanted 2 blame the health service, i was angry. i thought the anger had gone but this last week n certainly the weekend n yesterday my head seemed 2 explode n i seemed 2 do that on the forum, so i will say sorry if i upset any1, with my outward burst this isnt normaly in my character. It did help shouting n i did feel calmer last night. Sometimes i do feel like i'm addicted 2 this forum sometimes i carnt wait 2 get on here in the mornings, n cannot even get my words out quicke enough.I seem 2 have so much 2 say n i do stand by 99.9% of what i say
i'm posting hope it sounds ok.
Actually i stopped had a sandwich(which is another problem since i got this laptop n b4 i jioned the forum i get on my laptop, n 4get 2 eat n then get angry.But i've read this thread now b4 posting n i think it sounds ok. U know my eldest brother does make me very angry, because his glass is always half empty, n itry 2 stay positive n @ least try 2 be polite 2 evey1 i meet in my life these days. I was upset with an profesional person also this week which i cannot go in2 @ this thread. oh yeah something i remembered was how my mum went 2 apoligise once 4 getting angry with the mh services in 1999, because she was so upset 4 me because i didnt seem 2 b getting very good support.i hope the anger supsided now i hope every 1 has a good week:grouphug::love::flowers:


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Apr 4, 2008
Hi there
I know what you mean about the forum being addictive!
Its a good outlet for us I wouldn't worry about unintentional upset to people and there are moderators who would remove any offensive posts and I don't think that applies to you.
We have all got our own problems otherwise it's unlikely that we would have found this site, don't worry and keep posting.


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Dec 16, 2007
hiding behind the sofa
Hi there, Almost everyone on here will understand what your saying. Most have have have said things we didnt really mean at some time or another. I dont know what was said but im sure no one really took offense especially as youve had the courage to apologise.

As to getting yourself in a financial mess, thats another thing i can empathise with. two years ago I did the same but i have a very good social worker and she spoke to all the parties involved and we got it sorted. Do you have anyone that could step in your your behalf that understands finances and speak to tose you owe the money to and hopefully come to some arrangement with them.

The citizens advice bureau (CAB) may also be able help.



I wasnt going to log in2 the forum 4 this next week i was gonna have a break.
My horoscope 4 this week sugested looking @ my spirituality. I was so angry yesterday morning, anyway my parents came 2 c me 4 the day n when they were leaving i was so sorted, smiling again, we went out 4 lunch, it was so nice we always have a special time because we've learnt that r time 2gether is special, i guess i hadnt realised how much i've missed them these last 2 weeks because they have been away on holiday.
Anyway i had a little walk in2 town n when i came in i switched on the tv, 2 catch the back end of the conversation on loose woman, i think it must of been about happiness, n 1 of the presenters made a quote about depression being a very serious condition, n that people who r just having a bad should realise that n not claim 2 b depressed all the time.
So i just had 2 log in post this, i think more people in the media perhaps should speak up i'm sure they could reach an audience quicker than all of us, n then we might get a greater understanding, i have said this b4 in a post about people who use depression as an excuse. In my life i have meet people who r jealous because, i have a title, n yet i think 2 myself " i wouldnt wish depression on my worst enemy.Who would.
sorry i ment 2 say thanks 2 KP1 n Daffy 4 thier kind posts, Heres some:flowers:n a:hug:
i just read that the dancing bear academy r organising a summer's evening of art, music and poetry in support of the gay-run mh charity, stand to reason. if u or some1 u know, would like 2 b involved in the siree, email [email protected] or ring 07882 530320. I've not heard about this charity guess i will have 2 have a look now n c if they r on the net.
Also there is asurvey taking place "looking @gay views on chronic illness any1 interested in taking part i understand have 2 email: [email protected]


stand to reason

I just had a look @ thier site, it looks like they r in an association with stone wall, i understand its campaigning charity n events organising




Even people with mh problems can love n b loved. Love is what makes the world go round.



that post should read mental illness, instead of problems, i've noticed this time "out" people don't refer 2 it as mh problems these days, i never did like that expression 99% i dont have any problems but i always have mentall illness(unless of course if it ends 1 day):loveshower:


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May 27, 2008
Hi there,

Yes - I often find myself thinking 'problem' because it's been used so much. But you are right switching it to illness. Problem, for me, sounds belittleing, you should be able to work out the problem yourself - it's like a maths problem. Dumping it in favour of illness switches the whole emphasis away from you (it's not your 'problem' anymore) and feels heaps better. People don't tend to have a problem with cancer.


that is so well put

it takes me hours sometimes 2 work out how 2 explain things my cousin can put things in2 1 sentance neatly:dance:
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