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What I do when I feel a ‘dark patch’ coming



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Oct 20, 2018
Hello all!

I just wanted to post and say I think everyone who battles depression is so so strong - imagine what we could accomplish without this cloud that appears!

I’m having a dark day - and they are coming more often so I know I am about to go downhill. very few people understand - I have found over the last 15 years, that talking to family and people that care often doesn’t help, despite the advice frequent given, and makes me feel worse as they do not understand. I have been called ‘enotional’ & ‘intense’ by my own mother and best friend. They do not mean it viciously, they just do not understand and it hurts to be labelled such things. Probably because I’m ‘emotional’ ;)

For anyone perhaps younger, or has recently had their first bout of depression, I’d like to share my tips in case it helps anyone feel mildly better!

- do not fall for the #mindfulness/ ‘you’re in charge of you’re happiness’ hype of this day and age. Sadness is a valid emotion too and burying it by denying you feel that way does not help.
-find and talk to someone who actually gets it (I found this not to be someone close to me) luckily I have a friend who’s mother has a history of mental health issues. She is a god send.
- do not make any big decisions whilst feeling this way - explain you need time. I have ruined a lot of relationships by making rash & hurtful decisions in a depressive state of mind.
- EXERCISE. I swear 20 minutes on a treadmill is a game changer!!! This is where I have gone wrong this time round, and am heading to the gym first thing!
- resist the urge to give in with everything you have.


Thank you for this. I agree totally with family not understanding much


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Sep 7, 2018
West Midlands
Nope. My family didn't understand. Waste of time.

When I am lowest I read my self help book. May as well read something positive, then the time isn't wasted.


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Jan 5, 2011
Mindfulness if done properly isn't a waste of time you know. Its just there are a lot of charlatans or half trained people out there promoting it. Its a very useful tool in your kit bag if done well. Forgive me for disagreeing with you. But you are right, there is nothing wrong in feeling sad, down or depressed, its valid emotion and can't always be just "got rid of" by willing it to be.
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