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What helped me



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Apr 9, 2015
Hi on my last week of DBT ( dialectical behavioural therapy ) for borderline personality disorder , it's been amazing and fun journey of self discovery and growth , I have to say how I am now compared to what I was when I started is an amazing difference , I have psychs , therapists fellow dbters family friends saying how much they see a difference in me , my change I have put down to mindfulness.

Firstly the willingness to change if you don't have that you will struggle to make any differences , Body scans , breathing , P.M.R progressive muscular relaxation I would recommend those 3 versions of mindfulness to any one , especially the P.M.R really really worked for anger......well not just anger more like a scarily dangerous rage! Now instead of going 0 to 10 I got to a 2 or 3 which is manageable after all anger is naturally but rage is not.

I am now more mindfull on a daily basis and for me it's huge to be in present moment as much as possible I take in so much information images sounds everything when I'm mindfull.
I want to be able to look back on my life when I'm older and have strong memory's of happy times , and that can only happen when your mindfull , I say this if ur not in the present moment it's like ur an alcoholic trying to look back on his life he won't have many memories as he was drunk constantly. Hope that was a good explanation.
Basically DBT literally saved my life along with the right meds and good supports around me.

No matter how bad things are rig now it won't last forever I promise you.

Any1 can change I honestly believe that :)


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Hey, thanks for sharing your positive story of how things have improved for you.
It's really good to read people's experiences of coping and feelings better, and i'm really pleased that you've made such progress. :)


Apr 10, 2015
I haven't began therapy yet, but maybe I will try this for myself. It sounds like it really helped you. Thanks for sharing!


Hello, That's wonderful news, I've found the same thing with mindfulness for myself and my parents noticed a massive difference in me when they visited a couple of weeks ago. As a result they have become curious about mindfulness for themselves. I wish you continuing happiness. D xx