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What does your manic episodes look like?



Well-known member
Apr 25, 2020
Southern Maryland
Interesting question. I wish I knew what to do when I realize I’m manic:( I feel like I never get real, useful advice. I have been in an unstable mood for months and I’m miserable. I’m super mean and really sad and exhausted...I have had my medication appt pushed back for weeks and then I hung up on the receptionist (so embarrassing)...so now I prob need to find someone else to manage my meds (nightmare). I wish I could just stop doing what I know is happening, I have no way to cope and my dog is my only comfort.
Hopefully you can find a doctor that will take your mental health more seriously. If I call my doctor when I’m having an episode she stops what she’s doing and it becomes a priority- so much so that I avoid telling her sometimes because I don’t want to end up in the hospital. I know it’s hard if you live in an area where there’s no doctors to choose from. When I really need help I tend to be almost over exaggerating to make sure they pay attention.

Chicago Jim

Jan 8, 2021
Chicago Jim
Ouch, seemed like a great idea at the time I bet. You have to laugh to keep yourself from crying at times. Hang in there!


Well-known member
Apr 20, 2020
i have racing thoughts and i feel the need to write long stories, and laugh a lot, and get confidence to talk to people, sometimes get suicidal while manic too. once police picked me up and took me to the hospital for attempting suicide i was depressed but after 2 days got manic at the hospital. i didn't know it was mania at that time, but going to the hospital with police in handcuffs felt pretty embarrassing. i hate police.


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Jan 22, 2020
Perth Amboy, NJ
My manic episodes have me spending too much money. Im 8k in debt from personal spending and medical bills.

Arthur walls

New member
Jan 20, 2021
Los Angeles
I relate a lot to this. When manic I have tried to start pie in the sky “save the world” kinds of businesses with build outs of satellite locations all over the world in the blueprints. I even took out a rental agreement on a commercial space for the office said business would go into. Even though I literally had no money, no backers and no knowledge of how to go about starting a business.
My last mania I had all these ideas to start new businesses and was on the phone with the SBA (small business administration) trying to get support to have them launched. I sold some beaded jewelry at a thrift shop for three to five dollars a piece. They all sold pretty quickly which made me think that I was a HUGELY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNER. I also dropped off secondhand clothing at thrift shops and sold it on consignment there which I considered to be another WILDLY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS even though I really made no money but just got rid of stuff. I have joined swingers sites when manic and hypersexual and traveled to NYC to hook up with dozens of guys in ways that were high risk and very unsafe for me.
I have had many incidents of reckless driving and got three charges of Reckless Endangerment for things I still don’t understand. I bought Christmas presents for about a dozen celebrities that I do not know having and another half dozen friends off of Facebook that I have never met irl. I am not into celebrity culture. These I just ended up donating to the Salvation Army since I came too from the mania before I could send them out. Shipping was also cost prohibitive. I filled a whole storage unit full of junk I got for free thinking that homeless people could use it when they got their housing. It was part of my plan to “save the world.” I am still paying $165/month for the unit because I haven’t hired anyone to clean it out yet which is probably going to cost around $1,000.00. I have spammed exes with three to five email messages a day until they had to threaten to press charges for harassment to get me to stop maniacally contacting them. Once I came out of the mania I realized how inappropriate it was and how I didn’t really even want to be contacting them (!!!) So my manias have been great big giant catastrophes. They have been AWFUL. I am considered a severe case by doctors. Few things are more dangerous to me in my life than mania. I used to not believe that I had Bipolar but it took this last mania to convince me. Now I try to stay away from mania as much as possible. By eating right, sleeping right, getting exercise and TAKING MY MEDS. It’s no small thing for me.
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