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What does a mixed episode feel like?


Mr. T

Nov 10, 2009
if you suffer from bipolar and experience mixed episodes i would like to hear from you on this thread.

triple x

Active member
Nov 3, 2009
i get them

i sometimes get these u are high but u dont just feel right. i get like hyper and then t the same time i feel depressed but i dont act like it. but it is better now that i am on depakote


Well-known member
Nov 23, 2008
Belfast, N.Ireland
Mixed episodes are very unpleasant. I often get mixed episodes muddled up with ultra-radian cycling as it feels like I am cycling super fast when mixed. In reality it is that I am feeling several things at once and just think I am cycling. I can feel amazing and extremely irritable at the same time. Optimistic and full of ideas and then feeling like a piece of dirt that cold do nothing right. Or sitting crying and laughing out loud the next minute. It sure feels like madness. Not a nice thing to experience.


Nov 25, 2009
if you suffer from bipolar and experience mixed episodes i would like to hear from you on this thread.
Thanks for asking this question! I too, believe suffer from mix episodes. Can anyone else share their experience?

This is how it feel to me: Really happy, hyper, alert and then, all of a sudden I crash and get tired, sad and bitchy at everything and everyone for no reason. I can't stand it. :(


Nov 2, 2009
i can relate to this as well.i'll have days where i go out and hang with friends and be completely happy.but right when i walk into the door of my house my mood shifts and i become down and depressed. then the whole night i can't sleep cuz i don't know if i'm happy or depressed and i just bugg out til i finally get tired and fall asleep.but that usually isn't til 4-6 in the morning.it's horrible.
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