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What do u think about this problem with depression and anxiety returning?



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Nov 18, 2018
Calgary alberta
My SSRI has not worked in forever it's hard to say weather they work or not because they give u this dull numb feeling. I can say the first few months on them was great and than I just felt not bad but not good a numb feeling. Regardless even if I upped the dose. One day after drinking I started getting shaky and panicing and hyperventilating. Use to only happen from alcohol but than shortly even sugary foods or carbs would bring on those symptoms. Been to the doctor for it and EKG and blood tests are fine. It's confusing figuring out what's wrong. So I've been chalking it up to SSRIs no longer working. The problem is I tried 3 other antidepressants and no luck. These days I take .5 mg of Ativan twice a day and that's been the only thing to keep me afloat! Although I was on SSRIs for 10 years now I'm really thinking what they can possably do to ur seratonin production. If they're no longer working and multiple ones don't work I'm sure it's to do with the fact of your receptors trying to block seratonin THATS NOLONGER being produced from the drug. They can help initially but when u stop the reuptake of seratonin it signals ur brain to make less of it. Like it sets out your brain....Ive been looking into doses of 300mg of lithium which appears to be great for the brain in a low dose. Higher doses of 900mg tho can be toxic I'm NOT talking about high doses of lithium. I'll be experiementing with a few things to get me out of this out any input please comment


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Mar 31, 2020
Please seek medical advice. Hang in there. :peace:
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