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What do I really want from myself? What is my ideal self that I can strive for?



Well-known member
Mar 14, 2021
New York
I did some real thinking about what I want to be in this life. I have such a strong tie to being a miserable, sad, anxious person - what was an alter ego that I could have that would inspire me? Here is what I found:
  • Real Perception of Reality - able to judge situations correctly and honestly. They are very sensitive to the superficial and dishonest.
  • Comfortable acceptance of self, others and nature. Self-actualizers accept their own human nature with all its flaws. The shortcomings of others and the contradictions of the human condition are accepted with humor and tolerance.
  • Reliant on own experiences and judgement. Independent, not reliant on culture and environment to form opinions and views.
  • Spontaneous and natural. True to oneself, rather than being how others want.
  • Profound interpersonal relationships. The interpersonal relationships of self-actualizers are marked by deep loving bonds.
  • Sense of Humor. This refers to the ability to laugh at oneself.
  • Peak experiences. These occasions were marked by feelings of ecstasy, harmony, and deep meaning. Self-actualizers reported feeling at one with the universe, stronger and calmer than ever before, filled with light, beauty, goodness, and so forth.
  • Socially compassionate. Possessing humanity.
  • Few friends. Few close intimate friends rather than many perfunctory relationships.


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Mar 4, 2021
Massachusetts, USA
I guess all I can say is I want to be a kind person, to myself and everyone else.

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