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what did anti depressants do to you?


Polar Bear

One made me suicidal and gave energy to my depression. Worsening my depression. Bouncing off the walls.

The next sent my mood sky high. Bouncing around like tigger.


Well-known member
Nov 11, 2014
When I tool citrlipam (can't spell it) did nothing what so ever until they ran out and I've have withdrawal effects...mirtazapine made me high as a kite but got me out of a black hole,then got me out of black hole again but my physical health went downhill,stomach & reflux problems and I put a load of weight on,bad time coming off the last mirtazapine,I had withdrawels for months which has in a way led me here,now taking sertraline,fingers crossed! :)


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Oct 21, 2014
I have tried several, along with other drugs. Sertraline and Fluoxetine had no positive effect but a lot of side effects. Venlafaxine didn't help depression, I was on a high dose and it put me into a stupor like state all day long - I was only fully awake 5 hours a day. Mirtazapine give me a surge of motivation which lasted exactly three weeks, then nothing. Bupropion sent me into a mixed (mania plus depression) state each time they raised the dose. Given up now.


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Jun 4, 2013
Have had Mirtazapine, Prozac, and currently taking Bupropion. Prozac literally hurt my brain and made things dark, Mirtazapine didn't do much, the Bupropion seems to be helping, no side effects. Everybody reacts differently.


Prozac gave me dizzying migraines
Venlafaxine gave me hideous agitation and compulsions to overdose, and made me higher when high.
Citalopram did nothing much that I remember, except made me higher when high... Again.
All made me feel toxic and didn't make me feel any better

Polar Bear

Venlafaxine. I looked in the mirror and didn't see me but a terrifying image.


Well-known member
Nov 27, 2014
One made me manic and the other suicidal. I didn't take any other and my pdoc said I will not.


Jul 30, 2012
I've tried a fair few. As made me feel terrible. One help for a week but my eye were like saucers and the headaches.

Unfortunately no psychiatrists drug have agreed with me

Although I have a supersensitivity to all brain drugs

I'm considering trying out official prescribed add style drug and that one which mimics the brain thingy... Melatonin

I think

Will have to seem where things stand after withdrawal

Did I mention the withdrawal :)

I was offered drug treatment team but felt it necessary to try and short it myself

Comforting to have the option

Think a few zopiclone might be necessary but would raised avoid as they are same the of drug

Longest I've ever good without sleep is sixdays

This is day three

No sleep tonight and im on the blower

They arent benzos as such. Best I dont say what they are.

Cpn said I was a hypocrite. I prefer them to be up front. Couldn't disagree.

This all started when I got assaulted. This is the third withdrawal. Other two times were only short periods.. This one is much longer. You think it wont get you. You think you're too smart.

I can she now how much it was affecting my personal it at times

Not good. Not good at all.

Apologies for hijacking again.
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