What can I do to help my 8 year old daughter "selective mute"? – thank you



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Mar 25, 2012
What can I do to help my 8 year old daughter "selective mute"? – thank you

My daughter is 8 years old and is in third grade. She will not talk to any one in her school...even outside of the school area, she wont even talk to most family members. In 2007 my father passed away...my daughter stopped talking. she would only talk to her brothers, father, and myself in a whisper, that lasted a few month. I thought this was due to his passing, she is now in grief counseling. This past visit after her counselor read school reports on my daughter she thought my daughter might be a “selective mute”.


hi, there is a thread on here where a mum from a TV programme posted about her child who was a selective mute. on the programme they did therapy to help her child reduce the anxiety she was feeling (i suppose something like CBT but designed around her) and she did start to talk openly infront of others. i will look for the thread. apologises if i cant find it though, its a big forum.


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Jan 5, 2010
I agree with the above ^^ :)

I watched that as i thought it would be good , it was just it wasn't the best to watch it with my parents in the room aswell... Because CAMHS was in nearly all of it.. It brought back alot of memories for me and the memories i have from CAMHS and.. it was pretty tense with my parents the only time they really heard CAMHS was when I wasn't very well.. :(

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