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what am i suffering from?! please help



New member
May 6, 2010
For some time now i've been suffering from a constant anxious feeling in my head. At first, i put it down to relationship problems at the time but now i'm not so sure.
i am constantly anxious and worried about one thing or another. if i have nothing specific to worry about, i continue to worry anyway and find something. this is causing strain on all aspects of my life.

currently i have a constant knot in my stomach. i cried for the whole weekend for no apparent reason, and today i feel like i want to cry again. i bought some rescue remedy but it doesn't seem to be doing much for me.

i've been feeling so low recently. i have been through phases like this before, when everything in my life was going okay, but i still felt the same.
i sometimes wonder whether life would be easier for people if i wasn't here. this thought frightens me and i always push it out of my mind before i dwell on it too much. i get scared that i'm having these thoughts.

i am constantly feeling guilty about everything. i have no motivation to do anything at all. my work is suffering. all i want to do is lie in bed with my boyfriend but i feel guilty doing this for various, ridiculous reasons.

i've always had worry problems, from a very young age. but i managed to get it under control at the age of 19 up until i was about 23. i'm now 24 and i get that complete debilitating feeling of worry and fear no matter what.

my moods are up and down, but it can be a case of literally one hour i feel miserable, want to just curl up in a ball and cry. the next hour i'm much more chirpy. it's almost as though my mind is subconsiously avoiding my true feelings.

i just don't know.

depression runs in my family, with both my mother and sister suffering from it at some/various points over the years. this frightens me that i am heading down the same route.

i'm quite needy, and constantly seek the approval of others. i cling onto friends that i don't even like, jsut becasue i'm scared of being stuck alone. i've got a boyfriend, and always have had. so i've never really been alone properly. so i don't understand why i'm so needy towards people and constantly trying to please everyone. i feel trapped!

i sometimes think about how much i hate the person i am. i hate the fact i worry constantly. i care way too much about what other people think. i'm closed, and find it hard to talk to people about my true feelings without seeming like some stupid emo kid who's just got PMT. this constant feeling of anxiety, fear and stress is causing such strain on my life and i really want to get it under control.
can anyone help me?! AM I just suffering from the usual female mood swings related to menstrual cycle? or is it more than that?

please help. i'm fed up of constantly feeling sick worried and anxious.

thank you in advance.


Active member
Mar 9, 2010
Suffering from life

Hi Coral,

In a nutshell, you are suffering from life.

About 2500 years ago there lived a person with the name of Siddharta Gautama. Later he was called Buddha. When he became Buddha, he made 4 statements. These were later called 4 Noble Truths.

They were the following:
1. There is suffering.
2. There is a cause of suffering.
3. There is the cessation of suffering.
4. There is the eightfold path leading to the cessation of suffering.

Read more about the above here, as well as other place on the internet & books.


The above is the bigger perspective. You already know the smaller perspective (i.e., psychiatric perspective).

From the psychiatric perspective, you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, mixed in with low self esteem. You can see a psychiatrist or doctor and you will likely get antidepressants and anxiolytics and may be mood stabilisers. You will also get a label and counselling and self esteem training and so on. May be all that will help to some degree for a while. May be not.

I would suggest that you do both of the above. See a doctor and get yourself some meds. Get yourself some counselling or CBT or some other therapy. But continue to look at the bigger picture of life. Find out what is it that brings about the suffering at the first place. Try to understand the feelings and thoughts that you are experiencing.

Read Eckhart Tolle’s ‘Power of Now’. Learn meditation. Find activities that help you relax. Walk, exercise, write, learn to be by yourself, look into alternative therapies such as acupuncture, hypnosis, reiki, aromatherapy etc.

Commit yourself to learn about and understand your mind. Be the Buddha that you are.


Oct 23, 2009
Bristol Uk
you are describing depression and or Anxiety
two separate problems, seek medical diagnosis

medication can help

notice i said help

the person who wrote below suggested learning about life from a spiritual aspect and he/ she is correct

Zen is good, but seek medical help to ease the pain

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