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were u different growing up?



Jan 2, 2009
heya, i am not diagnosed with anything, because i lie to psychiatrists because i don't trust them, i would like to find out if there are any warning signs of bipolar, not as in before an episode, i mean when u were growing up, were you different from other children? how old were u when people began to notice changes? can a life of severe anxiety and stress cause it?

please help me out here ppl!!


Well-known member
Jun 15, 2008
North West
Stress and anxiety can trigger psychiatric disorders, yes, but there can be a whole host of other reasons - I don't think most people find out exactly the cause of why they get ill, because very often it is a number of contributing factors.

In my case I would say I've always felt different, and my personality and my family history has always orientated me towards bipolar, but I didn't start experiencing symptoms of mental illness until my late teens, which have always been worsened by sources of stress and anxiety. I wasn't diagnosed BP until age 26, and have only had this diagnosis just shy of a year.

Hope this helps!


Jan 4, 2009
United States
Hmmm was I different growing up? Good question -

I always felt different. Kinda grew up in my own little world,
when things were going bad I would go in my room and dream
of things being better. Felt like I was an outsider, as I got
older basically was involved in sports to gain acceptance by
my family as well as others. Think now that I know about
my illness and all the therapy I have had, I am better yeah
I mean stronger.

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