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Hi all

I have now given my medical records that I paid for to my local assembly Member to digest.

I am claiming they have been fabricated and embellished to discredit, that they discriminate, defile, and use mental abuse.

Its now out of my hands and in the politicians hands.

If you have grievances send them to your local MP or Assembly Member with evidence to act on.

The more of us that do this they will have to sit up and take notice.

I can't fight the Government alone guys it needs more of us to complain that a breach of the duty of care has taken place, plus our reputations are being defiled.

I need more of you to access your medical records so you see what they truly think of people under the mental health, more often with contempt which is discrimination.

Research, abuse, discrimination, defamation of character etc... to see if you fall victim of these under the mental health.

Most people are victim of circumstances, who created those circumstances?

I can only speak fir myself right now unless you can tell me differently.

But my medical records have been fabricated and embellished to discredit how malicious and vindictive. I proved it and still proving it.

Come in guys I really can't fight this alone, I'm strong not that strong that I can take on Government alone.
Per Ardua Ad Astra

Per Ardua Ad Astra

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Apr 15, 2014
North of England, UK
Hi Cazzy.

I live in England, and I wrote to my MP once, regarding mental health.

I had been started on a new medication, and it made me breathless. As I tried to get to sleep, I would jolt awake, gasping for breath. I looked at a copy of my Care Plan, and tried phoning the Mental Health Liasion Nurse at Accident and Emergency. There wasn't one on duty.

So I took the matter up with my MP. My then psychiatrist asked to see me, and said Why are you harassing your MP with this? He's a busy man, and has better things to do. He won't be interested in this. I replied, it's his job to make sure that local services work well, and I'm quite sure he will be interested.

The MP did turn out to be interested, and sent me a copy of the letter he wrote to the Chief Executive of the NHS Trust. He told the Chief Executive that it stated in my Care Plan that a Mental Health Liasion Nurse should be available, and one was not, and that he found this a matter for concern, and could he have an explanation.

So it does pay sometimes to raise issues. I'm not sure how far you will get, but I wish you well :)