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Dec 11, 2007
Welcome to the Hearing Voices Forum, run by the Mental Health Forum in association with Intervoice, the movement which works across the world to spread positive and hopeful messages about the experience of hearing voices.

The purpose of this forum is to encourage mutual support, discussion and debate about the meaning of the voice hearing experience and to consider the latest work and research into this phenomenon. Anyone interested in the experience of hearing voices is welcome to join.

This forum is a place where:

  • you can ask questions, find answers, and share experiences and ideas with other voice hearers and other interested people (friends, family members, researchers, workers etc) from around the world;
  • you can find out the latest news about the Hearing Voices movement;
  • you can find information about training events and conferences;
  • you can find out about some of the other forums and websites on issues about hearing voices;
  • you can find out more about INTERVOICE, its aims and objectives and plans for the future.


The Hearing Voices Forum is run as part of the Mental Health Forum. When you join the site, you have access to the whole of Mental Health Forum Community as well. Our forum is run by members who freely give their time.

If you are completely new to online forums, please read this information page which will help you get started using the site.

You can find out more information about Intervoice by visiting their website at: Intervoice: The International Hearing Voices Network


Jan 24, 2021
United Kingdom
I've have new voices which have only happened a handful of times. I posted a longer message earlier asking for advice whether I should tell me doctor or not. Just looking for some more advice please. When I've experienced these voices I've had a very strange sensation, like the voices go through me body and I feel intense fear like I'm frozen on the spot. It's hard feeling to describe, the voices feel like they get closer as they fade and swap from ear to ear. one occasion it felt like they came from the walls and were moving towards me. I want to explain this to my psychiatrist but I fear I will sound stupid. Has anyone else ever had strange sensations when hearing voices? Is this normal or am I gound sound crazy and stupid?


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May 6, 2017
This does not sound crazy to me and you're certainly not stupid.

In all my chats with people who hear voices a common theme is how they can have a physical effect on us, I know mine has with me.

Please don't be scared to talk to your psychiatrist about this. Are you on any medication?


Jan 24, 2021
United Kingdom
I'm on quetiapine and mirtazipine. They have only happened a handful of times over the past few years and lasted a very short time. I'm diagnosed with EUPD I'm not sure if hearing voices is a symptom of this illness or not. I was worried it could be something more serious but also wondering if I'm overthinking it all. My mind is convincing me I shouldn't tell anyone. Thanks for the reply.
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