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Weird thoughts



Well-known member
Dec 6, 2018
I don't know if it comes from PTSD but each time I'm home alone and I hear people talking very loud in the street, I think they are arguing and that a bad thing will happen, for example they will fight our one is gonna get killed by the other. It freaks me out.


Active member
Feb 21, 2019
This is definitely a part of PTSD. Are you familiar with what is called the trauma triangle? It is made up of three sides- the victim, the persecutor, and the savior- and for many of us with PTSD we get trapped in this triangle and see everything around us through these roles. And so, in your example given, two people are talking loudly becomes someone is being victimized by a persecutor.

Trauma rewires our brain. We become trapped in the experience and our neuro pathways always want to lead us back there. In traumatic situations the three sides of the triangle are usually present. In an average situation they aren’t. But because our brains are hardwired to go back to the trauma everything we see gets filtered in there anyway.

It sucks, but knowing that it’s happening is the first step in stepping out of the triangle. There’s a lot of really great stuff around it online, I encourage you to take a look!
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