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Weird thing I did when I was a kid and teenager



New member
Oct 17, 2018
Hey everyone, I was recently diagnosed with OCD I am 20 years old. When I was a kid I always would play with sticks and pencils and shake them while walking up and down the halls. I would make up stories while doing it knowing that it was all make believe. Shaking the stick made me think better I guess. I did this until I was around 15. I am a pretty normal person. Nothing socially wrong with me. My parents knew about me doing it and made me stop. I still would do it secretly. I didn’t really like doing it I knew it was weird and not normal, but I felt like an urge to do it all of the time to kinda escape into my own world. I knew it was all pretend. I eventually stopped doing it slowly but surely. Now a few months ago I started having harm intrusive thoughts out of nowhere and they gave me multiple panic attacks. I saw a doctor and I’ve been on buspirone and Citalopram. I’ve felt better but my brain has felt very funny. Like it did after I would shake the pencil or stick. I was wondering if this was my OCD. I would also count while doing it as well.
Poopy Doll

Poopy Doll

Well-known member
Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
You are very young. Your brain and personality are still forming. The drugs will ruin your chances of developing normally. So what if you do a few odd things or think odd thoughts. Your thoughts can be handled with a psychologist. You need a psychologist, not hard core drugs.