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Weird text scenario



New member
May 21, 2021
Hello, I'm telegram. I came on here to understand something which does not make sense to me.

I sent a text to someone (a) today asking them to let someone (b) know , if they saw them, that I was up for hanging out.

The person I wanted to hang out with messaged me today, after not texting me for weeks, asking if I wanted to go to a party with them.

When I went to send a a message on WhatsApp, a messaged they hadn't seen, I noticed that they had been on since I sent the message. I decided not to send the message because I had a glitch. I went to send a message later on, but noticed that a had now read the message.

Is it simply coincidence and some WhatsApp phenomenon I'm not aware of? What I don't understand is why (b) would text me all of a sudden and ask if I was in Bristol this weekend, when the only person who knew I might not be in Bristol this weekend was a, who is not in Bristol this weekend either.

Why would someone not read my message, although they'd been on WhatsApp, possibly pass a message on they had read, but wanted me to think they hadn't, and then make it known they had read a message which they, possibly, wanted me to think they hadn't read? Does this make sense? Please help me clear this up. I'm very confused!


Well-known member
Feb 27, 2020
Nashua NH
Hi there, I’m sorry but we don’t understand what you have written here and what the question is. Could you possibly word it a different way? xo, j
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