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weird side effects


twin keck

Active member
Oct 25, 2009
when i first became ill my gp was treating me with the help of the practice psychotherapist whom i saw once a week. i used to write her mood diaries. i was really struggling at this point didnt know what was real etc. i went to see my gp which was also on a weekly basis and he said that he had spoken to the therapist and they thought that it would help me if they put me on a tranquillizer. they didnt call it an anti-psychotic for some reason! they put me on sulperide. first night i was apprehensive to take it but i did and went to bed. three hours later i woke up and felt weird to say the least i went down stairs and went into the lounge. i looked at a picture on the wall and my depth perseption had gone. it felt like i was on a magic mushroom trip(which i have tried when i was a teenager).a couple of days later i started to stutter which my mum found quite desturbing when she visited. next i started to get strange movements in my right arm it just kept on moving up to shoulder height without my control. finally and most disturbing was the weird noises i was making i used to just suddenly and without warning make a loud ah noise whilst lifting my arms. some of my mates found this highly amusing. finally my gp and therapist decided to send me to a psy doc after 3 months of there expermentation on me. he took me straight of sulperide and put me on risperdone and the side effects stopped. when i look back on that time i tend to think of the funny side to it. sulperide did stop the voices and the paranoia!:LOL:


Well-known member
May 26, 2009
Hi have read that,thanks for sharing your experinces with amisulpiride doesn't sound too good! my cpn doesn't think it's a problem.
Wendy x

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