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Weird little problem, intrigued by the cause.



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Jul 18, 2009
I know this may sound stupid but i'm wondering what could be the cause of this problem, is it easily mistaken? or is it a tell-tail sign of a problem either mentally or with my eye-sight? I'm intrigued by it.

I kept reading this name as "Donakl" as i was just browsing facebook, and i kept kicking myself thinking what the heck? Have they spelled there name wrong or something it should be "Donald", so i blinked a few times and eventually it appeared as "Donald" to me. So i did some testing, looking through one eye at a time and the same would happen. I decided to sit up and have the word directly/below my eyes and i would read it fine in most cases. So it mostly occurs when my eyes are looking upwards. I had an eye-sight test done 7 months ago and everything was fine. What could be causing this? tiredness? stress? could my eyes of deteriorated since my last eye test? maybe a mental problem? or some other diagnosis?

My career relies on me paying attention to detail, so i'd really like to figure this out.

PS: No it wasn't an animated image to trick people hehe, it was plain ASCII text displayed using a generic truetype font on a CRT Monitor.

I'd appreciate your opinions.

Many Thanks.
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Mar 21, 2009
First things first I think. Go to your doctor and tell them what happened. I would imagine that they'll send you for another eye test but at least it will get the ball rolling.

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