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Weird hallucination



New member
Apr 11, 2020
A few days back i was handig out with a big group of friends and i took MDMA two days in a row. The last day i felt tired and wasnt really having fun. So naturally i went to bed, while gering ready for bed tho i heard Some Things ging down in The living room. Some Mean stuff was Boeing Saïd About my friend, and toen Theo continued onto anoth3er friend of mine and at last they were Saying stuff About me. Ween i asked my friends about 10 minutes later when they came to check up on me they all looked at me like i was crazy saying it never happened. I totally freaked out because it was so fucking realistic that i remember the social media posts i saw on my phone trying to find some type of distraction. But i believed them, however when they left the conversation they had in the living area continued where it had paused in my head. I was hearing very logical and normal sentences. I could actually identify the person speaking through their voices and it made total sense. So my friends came again and i asked them again but they said i must have been hallucinating it. A couple of days later and it is still not clicking in my head and it is driving me insane, was it reality what i was hearing. And if i was hallucinating it why would my brain make up A fight where all my insecurities came up and not only mine but everyone else’s. One thing i would like to mention is that there was no “waking up” i heard my friends come to check up on me and i immediately got up to ask them what was going on. The “hallucination” and “reality” went over semlessly. I hope someone could give me some answers. Thank You in advanced.


If your struggling with mental health, which Im assuming you are otherwise you wouldn’t be on this forum, I would really caution against using drugs/substances. A lot of hallucinations are created in our heads.


Well-known member
Oct 16, 2019
North Carolina
Agree with above post. You should cease taking any hallucinogens or mdma from now on to be safe.

Unless you friends were playing an elaborate trick which i doubt. You were hallucinating.

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