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weird feelings of eye pains and headaches with extreme fatigue and exhaustion in the evening coupled with a feeling to cry.



Nov 8, 2018
I am 29 and a male I have been having this for about a year now and I cant seem to shake the feeling its almost like a weird ill kind of flu like feeling that comes over me with pains in my hands and feet, eyes and headaches.

I also have the overwhelming sense that I want to cry sometimes I do I don't even know what I am crying about.

I spend my days feeling angry and my default personality is very negative.

I am rarely ever happy at anything in life which is frustrating as I have had a lot of nice times but haven't been able to feel them if that makes sense just think whatever is going on with me is a medical problem but not sure what.

I have had blood tests you name It iv had it done and nothing can be found its as if I am untreatable

I am also a type one diabetic (insulin controlled ) and have psoriasis all over my body


Jan 14, 2019
Southern California
Hey Ryann,

This was pretty much me all day today. I may have to get my meds adjusted.

Have you looked into your mental health department? Maybe get in a therapy session. If you ever need to vent or chat, I'm here.


Hi Ryan,

have you had tests to check there is nothing wrong with your pituitary gland? And do you check your blood sugar to make sure there aren't spikes in the evening or before you start to feel this way?

These symptoms very well could be caused by stress or anxiety or depression but always worth being thoroughly physically checked out too, especially seeing as you feel that it is a medical problem. I wondered on reading your post if you had received any therapy to help with the negative thoughts? I would have thought CBT might be worth a go to shift your thinking patterns as it is clearly causing you problems and distress. This shift in the negative thoughts might help with the headaches at least if it can mean you are less stressed.

I also wondered if the psoriasis was adding to the anger. I have skin problems too and when they are badly controlled i feel very depressed because of the pain, itching and feeling self conscious. I find oily or waxy creams help me much more than the ones that are prescribed by the gp. Have you found anything that helps yours?

I hope that things can be sorted for you very soon and that you can feel better :hug:


Feb 22, 2019
Warwickshire England
Ryann, have you been diagnosed with a mental illness if not i would seek advice from a doctor or a psychiatrist, It sounds to me that you are a little depressed, your medical problems may be spilling over to mental ones.
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