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Weight Gain (PLEASE HELP)



Well-known member
Dec 3, 2018
United States
I think I'm eating too much. My medication is supposedly the least weight-gain of them all, but I don't believe it. I've gained a lot of weight these past three years.

I used to be at 98lbs. Now I'm closer to 150 (our scale broke so I don't know for sure). I went from a comfy size 0 to a size 8.

I know my alcohol issue isn't helping. But I'm trying to eat less and I feel like it isn't working. I'm trying to count calories but I keep losing count.

Today I had a packet of ramen, a couple sodas (for the caffeine), a handful of goldfish, an energy drink (I work til late), and just now I had three eggs instead of two. I also had alcohol (a spiked tea from the convenience store). I don't even want to know how many calories I've had today. And I still want a popsicle... we don't have any fruit for me to eat, no veggies. We ran out.

Sometimes I do well. I eat some goldfish, a soda, and a salad. Those days I feel okay. I know I don't eat well but I don't have any money to buy groceries, I depend on my roommate and he does the best he can. He's amazing. I feel so guilty...

Sometimes I'll have breakfast and dinner AND a snack, plus alcohol and soda... it's too much.

I can't quit drinking. It helps keep me from hurting myself. How do I eat less to make up for it?

It's out of control. I just eat too much. How do you guys control it? What do you do to eat better?

Please help me... I feel fat and ugly and awful all the time. I'm so tired and unmotivated to exercise, how do you guys find the time and energy to do it?

Please reply...


Well-known member
Jan 4, 2013
I'm an aripipazole and that's supposed to be weight neutral, I've gone from a UK size 14/16 to a 22.
In over a year.
I've now got diabetes type two.
Try not to buy bad stuff have lots of fruit and veggies in, that's what I'm doing.
I know it's hard and depressing.
Try with a little exercise and build up from there.
Here to listen anytime.
Take care


Active member
Oct 12, 2018
Stop your meda now Pairou ! Only lamotrigine is weigth neutral