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Feb 26, 2021
Puerto Rico
I am concerned. Very, very concerned. For some reason, I am having doubts. What if it doesn't bring me euphoria, creativity and motivation and instead just... I don't even know. I forgot how being under the influence felt like, it's been a while. Heavy? Relaxed? More optimistic about life than usual? That's all fine and dandy, but I want more--need more. I need what I've lost; the ability to feel. Just feel, like a normal person. I want to feel motivated, uplifted, satisfied, content, happy. I want to have a purpose, something that I look forward to. I want to not dread waking up everyday and suffering through the slow and boring passing of time because there is nothing that I enjoy doing and the very few things that I did enjoy hardly entertain me anymore thus leaving me without a distraction and wishing for nightfall so that the day can finally end. Only to repeat itself all over again in the morning.


New member
Apr 9, 2021
united kingdom
How long has it been since you smoked? Were you a heavy smoker before? Prolonged use of weed hijacks the pleasure receptors in the brain and after a while smoking no longer gives you the high it once did. You basically smoke to feel the normal state than non smokers feel. when you take a break everything will feel dull and boring for a while. This is not permanent. after a few months your pleasure receptors will begin to reactivate and natural motivation and pleasure will return gradually.