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Weather in Cape Breton



Mar 19, 2021
Alberta, Canada
I watched a NFB film on prescription drugs and economic failure resulting in junkies. The word junkie is touchy for me, it's not what anyone grows up dreaming they will become. But in this film "cottonland" it showed the weather of Cape Breton as a harsh climate, beautiful scenery but difficult weather for a person like me with seasonal affective. I saw the film portray the weather as grey. A quote from the film was on how the film maker just wanted to get away from his home town due to the weather.
I relate to that comment. I have desperately said many times how I want to get away from my city to get away from the weather. The following line after in the film was that if they had of moved to a new city to start fresh being away from family would have made it so they didn't make it. being with family was the only reason they've made it. And that too is my reason for staying in my city.

I take wellbutrine for SAD and it helps a ton for me. (The film depicted other reasons for prescription pills being prescribed) With the opposite of impairment to daily function I feel I am addicted strongly to wellbutrine without being labelled a junkie.

What are alternative ways of dealing with SAD and weather mood dependence/ and or/ inverse relationship? I crave the effect of wellbutrine such that it appeals to think of a higher dose. I use my personal efficacy to take myself out of those thoughts of seeking a stronger effect from larger dose because I know prescription drugs used outside the medical instructions is in fact a problem. I don't want to dabble into that type of problem. But what are alternative ways to help give myself that extra ease or little boost when the weather has me down. Winter is just beyond me. I have tried lightboxes, mine didn't work for me. Does anyone have a particular brand of light that worked for them, or other alternative methods?


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Sep 30, 2019
I try to watch youtube videos about green, warm sunny places to help get me through the winter. Having strong lights around me helps too.


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Oct 17, 2018
I’m uk so you won’t have the same brands of box however I’ve found leds are no where near as effective as tube lights. Some folk have success with tanning lights. I’ve found air quality is a big issue for me. The shower is a huge help for a negative ion boost.
I don’t always enjoy using my light if that makes sense. I need to start way before the reduction in light would affect me and if there’s dull weather I use the box even in the summer. My workspace and home interior also really affect me. When I was in a city I had lots of blue, green and house plants. Now I live in a greener area I have sunny colours lots of reflective surfaces and I make the most of my windows. Regarding the meds there’s a lot of helpful stuff on general depression and addiction. In your shoes I’d start by reading potatoes not Prozac. Even if it’s just placebo and sense of self care there’s huge value in trying lifestyle changes aimed at making you feel better.
lastly if you can’t move make the most of the surrounding area. Choose an acceptable radius for you. Find outdoor places in that radius. Store the locations in your phones weather app and when you have days you aren’t working go to the one with the best weather.