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Watching to make sure I don't get trampled on is making me miserable.


Anastassia Florine

Active member
Jun 15, 2009
Making a constant effort to make sure I don't get trampled on is making me miserable.

Instead of thinking positive about things, because of whatever in my early life I think that I always have to make sure that I don't get tricked, fooled or treated like I'm stupid or incompetent, and make sure my rights don't get tramplesd on. I always bring up issues because of this, because of my worry about that, and my sense of entitlement, and my boyfriend thinks I'm looking for things to get upset about.


Gosh you have so much worry going on, though I did used to be like this, and to a certain extent I still am but honestly my mum often will tell me that there is no fear at all, have a good day JD:hug::flowers:


Well-known member
Dec 15, 2008
You must be suffering from sheer exhaustion - if I were you I would visit your g.p and have a chat, see whether you can get/do something to ease the constant anxiety you must be suffering.
Take is easy, keep talking.

Anastassia Florine

Active member
Jun 15, 2009
I need to get a therapist and a psychiatrist... I got prescribed Ativan as a one-time deal and then 3 months of Celexa and Risperdal... but I need to get those two shrinks that I can see regularly. The psych nurse who talked to me at the hospital when I was prescribed the Celexa and Risperdal said when the Celexa kicks in it will have an anti-anxiety effect too, and before when I had had another shrink he had doubled my Celexa when he saw that I couldn't sit still and said "We need to do something about the anxiety... Celexa is a good anti-anxiety agent." I had social anxiety too... thought I would get shot in the street, etc. It was worse than ever when I went off the Celexa. I was put on Prozac because I was pregnant, but that didn't really work. I was put back on Celexa later, but it just didn't work the same. I still had the extreme anxiety, social anxiety, feelings that people would take my son away from me because I was an incompetent lazy unfit mother... and that made me an incompetent lazy unfit mother and my boyfriend sued me for full custody of our son. Now because of that the depression and anxiety are worse.
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