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Was married for 9 years



Oct 30, 2020
With him for ten. We basically drifted i made some mistakes he made some..he left me got married to someone else 4 months later. We've been divorced 15 months. He's not expressed any missing me emotions only once. Now recently he was being too nice lol so I said do you ever see us together and he said no. Why would I.
I'm happy.

Two days later he called me saying he didn't get to answer that properly and that it's been on his mind so he said if anything happen in my marriage and things didn't work out..would I get back with you yes i would. Do I still love you yes I do.

Then he came over next day to see the kids. He ended up kissing me and saying he does miss me and the kids. I said why don't you just leave her then? He said he does love her in a way and can't just leave her 😂i then told him to get out now he just keeps asking me if I'm angry with him and if im okay with him.

Why doesn't he let me get on with my life? I would take him back within a second but I'm feeling like I'm not really worth much right now in his eyes and I know I'm worth alot more but what's going on 😩


Well-known member
Nov 23, 2020
so, let me relay this back to you...you were married for 9 years , he left and got married to someone else. now, he's back at your place, kissing you and says he misses you and the kids???? And now, you're wondering why he wont let you get on with your life? He basically wants his cake and eat it, too. He's taking advantage of both of you (you and the new wife). He divorced you and married her. Why would you want him back? I think you need to keep your distance from him and if he comes around for the kids, just let him deal with them. Thats just not right. Stay classy and know your worth. Start dating other people. If someone really wants to be with you, they would be with you period. End of story.


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May 19, 2020
Los angeles
Based how you feel in reaction to what he has done and said: Please be objective and think how you feel about it all without him saying these things. The things that have happened, which have indeed happened. You have a right to get on with your life. As you said, he remarried four months after, take that as consideration.
Do you miss your marriage, not him, but your actual marriage and how you were while you married, was that healthy for you?
Because you are correct, you are worth a lot more, the fact that you are questioning all this says it all. You are not taking credit as much, but you are objectively saying that if you didn't value yourself as much you would take him back. SO take it this way, once you realize your value you would not. Don't wait until the day you realize you are worth more, to leave him again.
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