Was I treated Properly by a PA



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May 13, 2017
Recently I came to terms with my ADD and went in to a psychiatrist. I have a long history of substance abuse. When I went in and spoke with a PA he asked me a lot of questions. After I told him about my substance abuse in the past he said it was "Highly unlikely that I would be given any form of medication for your issue due to your previous substance abuse." Overall the experience left me feeling very sick and in much duress.

My question is: Ia PA qualified to say things like that? Because if not I am considering taking legal action because of the shaming I felt. they made me feel like a junkie when all I was trying to was get help, i've been clean from hard drugs for years and have recently stopped drinking as well.

Also I live in the U.S if that matters.
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May 7, 2017
You have to stop using before they can see what you are suffering from. Only then can they offer treatment. Here in Britain people can get discharged from hospital even if unwell if they are using still.

If the substance abuse is in the past, i don't understand why you could not get treatment now unless there is a view amongst them that your problems now were caused by it and so not needing the type of treatment they offer? I am guessing here. It seems unfair but i think complaining would be a waste of energy. You should see a different one.
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Jun 5, 2018
Lima, Ohio
Don't waste your time and energy on trying to take legal action. Simply find a different doctor. This day and age it is hit or miss when it comes to doctors treating you like a real human if the addiction stamp is on your record. Just keep searching and you'll find one that understands you as a person and not as whatever he sees an addict as.

I normally find that older doctors are more likely to help and addict than these younger newer doctors fresh out of med school. Good luck to you and don't give up. Remember , focus the energy on something that benefits you and not something that is going to waste your time my friend. Good luck