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Warning signs



I am worried. Last time I saw my doctor I was feeling great but he asked me to look out for trigger signs to a lapse into depression. So I keep on waking up in the middle of the night. (I was very tired..this is the middle of the night! )
I do have a lot to deal with at the moment and yesterday was really angry and then got cross for being angry and that didn't help. I feel overwhelmed by my emotions and exhausted at the prospect of unpicking them and am finding being positive almost impossible.
I thought instead of going over and over things in bed maybe I could find some comfort here.
Sorry for rambling


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Oct 15, 2009
country cottage

i am sorry that you are having such a difficult time at the moment. i too have problems waking up in the night. i dont know what would be a normal day for you re work family life etc but i find walking very good at running off stress. another visit to your gp might be in order. i hope this helps you.


Thank you. I actually slept well at last last night. I have just returned from a funeral so I don't supposed that helped. It is funny you should say walking. I am even thinking of joining a gym as they say exercise helps. I hope that you are sleeping better. I am going to go to the GP. I think it will put my mind at rest. Thanks for your support

quality factor

Hi, yes walking does help. Sometimes GP's are able to refer you to a local gym for so many free sessions, then you can see if it is for you and begin to go on a more permanent basis.

Hope you find a form of exercise which helps you.



Thank you. I think I am going to make exercise a priority.
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