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Warm Hello To all ( Anxiety Disorder)



New member
Aug 10, 2009
hey to all,

I am new to this. I thought coming on this forum is the right step to take and probably make me feel better.

Little About me

I am sufferer of a Anxiety Disorder. I have had since i was 15 and now im 21 and im finding it very hard to manage now as my symptoms are getting worse and life is becoming a daily struggle. Im at uni and im currently on holidays but lately the feeling of low has kicked in again and all these coping strategies I had in place have broken.

I cant sleep nor eat well. Anxiety Disorder is a living hell and im loosing control over my mind and no 1 seems to understand.

Thanks For Reading


New member
Aug 10, 2009
Thank you for the hello.

I would like to go into more detail as others have in their threads.

My life story here it goes:

Since 17 I been finding it very hard to cope with disorder.NO 1 would ever realise I have it as I have good way of masking my problems. However this is bad for you and things worsen and one day that happened and I broke down at my old uni,,,,,,,,, People that didnt know me,judged me and i tried to take my life 5 -6 times. The actual uni didnt do much to help. When i think about it now Its shocking . I was 18 at the time and i just got worse. Lost trust in people and became more and more distant. I am 21 now and since then I have life hard and in reality nobody would know how i was feeling. I have just broke up with partner as i feel my partner does not understand and lacks support and makes me feel more terrible. We had been together for 2 years and has seen how bad i can get and i have done what I can to progress. Some people are selfish and my partner is one of them and I cant blv after saying today I was feeling low again and thinking of suicide. Partner did not seem to care. I have been okay for a year now and tried to make a new start at a new uni and I have done okay. But all of a sudden the lowness has crept in and im feeling suffocated by my own thoughts!


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Founding Member
Feb 14, 2008
Birmingham UK
Hi mindless and :welcome: to the Forum. Hope you can find some support and encouragement here; one thing you will certainly find is that you are not alone.


quality factor

Hi there and :welcome: to the forum, it is a helpful
place to be.

Anxiety would rule my life if I let it, every day and every situation
is a struggle and has been for many many years.
Hopefully you will find some tips for coping techniques as you read through past and future posts.



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Jul 28, 2009
Hi :welcome:
Anxiety, loss of appetite and not sleeping where some of my main problems, or should i say symptoms.
The best single piece of advice i would give is to see a doctor.
If you think you would find it hard to talk to doc write out your feelings / experiences then make a copy and show it to doc.
Thats what these guys got me to do and its the best thing i could of done, hence its the first thing i tell others.
It allows you to be completely honest and say things exactly how you want to without the stress or embarrassment of having to actually say it to the doc.
I think its definitely the best way as the more the doc knows the better, help them to help you as i always say now (y)
I was getting about 12-15 hours sleep a week, couldn't eat and was drip white and always anxious.
As soon as the doc got me sleeping again things started to get better, i just need to deal with the reasons behind my mental state now, think thats gona take time though lol.

Anyway :welcome: i hope this place is as much of a help as it has been for me :grouphug:
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