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Vomiting child/concerned parent



New member
Feb 23, 2021
I have a 17 yo boy who has recently developed issues with vomiting and we are all convinced it is anxiety related. He started a new school recently where the academics are slightly more demanding and will join a sports team that is extremely competitive. These were his choices and I believe that he will enjoy much success if he can get control of his anxiety. He's a straight A student and is not struggling with the academics so far. In fact, he says that the school is less challenging than he expected. He has begun practice with the sports team and is doing really well. He is in the hunt to start, which is his goal. This sport is a big part of his life.

The issue and reason why I am here is that he is overthinking all of this to the point where he is making himself vomit regularly. That is my belief anyway. Pretty much every day he goes to school, he throws up in the morning and does the same at some point before or during practice. It isn't debilitating and he takes it in stride and performs well in both school and on the field. I know it is worrisome for him and us because we can't find a solution or we are early in the process of finding one. On the weekends where he doesn't have anything going on or on days where there is no school or sports, he seems fine and doesn't vomit.

He's visited his pediatrician and they have prescribed a couple reflux related drugs such as omeprazole, but they have not proven to help at all. Additionally, the doctor started him a couple weeks ago on 20mg of fluoxetine, which I understand is a very low dosage. I also understand that it takes some time to see the effects of that medicine. I'm concerned and a bit impatient because he was told to take that in the morning and I think he often throws that up. I have a call with his Dr. to discuss his progress today, but I am looking for any sort of guidance, advice, questions that might be appropriate to ask of the doctor.

This is all new to me and quite alarming particularly because my son generally doesn't exhibit other signs of being anxious and as an objective observer, I don't understand why he feels that way because he seems to excel quite easily. I know he enjoys the school and is super excited to be a part of the sports team and looking forward to the season. I know that anxiety doesn't work like that however and would like some advice from the community. Thanks.

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