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Volunteers for research needed



New member
Jan 9, 2012
Hello, I am looking to speak to individuals who have a religious and/or spiritual belief and feel this impacted on the way they received Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). I would like to speak to both individuals who completed therapy and those who dropped out early. It is important that volunteers received at least 3 sessions of CBT to take part in this study.

If you are interested in the research please see poster attached.

Many Thanks

Cara Pouchly
Trainee Clinical Psychologist
University of Lancaster

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Active member
Feb 20, 2012
Hi,i could take part in your study,i have a better idea,or so i think,mind you ive only been in the mh system for 17years,what would i know.i have had several therapys including cbt,nlp.reality,other types of architypal therapys.i now realise,its all about our sub concious,yep that bit you dont know anything about,most phsycs admit they just giv medication hoping it will be the one,i have been on many,now im using my own brain,oh fuk it


New member
Apr 8, 2012

I am not religious however I am a very spiritual person. I was treated for severe depression around 3 years ago and I ended up dropping out of my CBT after only 5 sessions. I am not entirely sure whether my spirituality had anything to do with it however the reason I dropped out was because I found that it was targeted around finding out where my behaviour was being triggered to make me feel the way I did and the problem was because I was able to look deep inside myself anyway I knew where I was going wrong and where my behaviour was being triggered already and so I wasn't gaining anything from the sessions because they targeted it solely around identification rather than resolutions. I hope this helps.

Please message me back if you feel that I can help with your research.